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The Voice UK Final this weekend

The Voice UK final is this weekend and even though the figures have been waning it still has some great contestants, one in particular is my favourite: Vince Kidd!

Since Vince's amazing cover of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' he has been one of the most entertaining singers on the programme, with his insane control over his voice and uber-cool dress sense. His mix of Shoreditch street/bohemian style stands out against everyone and so we've picked a few bracelets and a ring from our store so that you can emulate this look.

Vince Kidd The Voice UK Final

Vince Kidd: The Voice UK Final Weekend

Above you can see the layers of different styles and materials in his jewellery, similar to when we looked at Johnny Depp's style, he builds up a texture with dissimilar pieces of jewellery.

vince kidd style leather bracelet

vince kidd style leather bracelet

vince kidd style tan leather bracelet

vince kidd style tan leather bracelet

Above we picked out two of our leather bracelets that could be worn together and built up with other bracelets in our store to create that aesthetic on the wrists of the arms with a sort of bohemian chic.

vince kidd style ring

vince kidd style ring

As well as the bracelets, colourful rings go well too- more the merrier! Chop and change in style and colours to create this laid back ethos. As you can see on the show, a vest goes perfectly with all of this jewellery, the small amount of clothing takes the focus away from the centre of the body and interestingly creates more of an aesthetic on the arms.

Click on the links below to see more of this jewellery from our range.

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