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Deeds instead of Words: The Men’s ‘I Love You’ Ring

I Love You Ring

I Love You Ring

Everyone likes to know they're loved but if you, like many out there, can't find the words to say it- or have the emotional sensibilities of a pebble, then a great way to say I Love You is with an affectionate gesture. This gesture could be in the form of a soppy letter which always manages to touch the heart of the recipient, providing it has some thought put into it. But if you're not exactly Shakespeare, we do have one other foolproof plan which will always find the heart of your better half.

A gift is always a brilliant way of saying I Love You, and jewellery (possibly the most intimate gift of all) is a way of saying just how much you love them. This is one of the reasons we created the I Love You Ring collection. Throughout history loved ones have given treasures and gifts as a demonstration of their adoration. Engraved on the inside of these rings is that exact devotion, a subtle hidden message between the both of you.

Each ring or bracelet in this collection comes packaged in a stunning Black Velvet Ring Box, with FREE domestic Delivery. Click on the link below to view them in store.

Rings from £29.85 - I Love You Ring Collection


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