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Men’s Two Tone Magnetic Bracelets

Two Tone Men's Magnetic Bracelets

Two Tone Men's Magnetic Bracelets

£26.45 - Mens Two Tone Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

£27.95 - Mens Classic Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

£29.95 - Mens Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

The Men's Two-Tone Titanium Magnetic Bracelets, are of our earliest collections of jewellery, and have continued to evolve into a astounding selection of pieces.

The high polished titanium finish sets off the gold features brilliantly creating a sophisticated look which can be worn with either formal or casual wear. These bracelets are robust in style and design, able to withstand day to day use because they are made from a highly durable and light weight material, so much so that you'll forget that you're even wearing it.

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