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Titanium Chassis to be created for Ariel Atom

Racing Car Titanium Frame Design

Racing Car with new Titanium Frame Design - Image via Piston Heads

The famous Ariel Atom (featured on Top Gear here) with a blistering top speed of 155 mph and is able to reach 0-60 in under just 3 seconds. This road legal (somehow?) car is literally stripped back to the bare essentials, to make it as light as possible- it is quite simply a dream to drive; the ultimate play toy for adults.

The Ariel Motor Company have announced that they are now experimenting with a new car design, which interestingly features a titanium chassis. Titanium is known to be an spectacularly light metal which is also highly durable; two qualities that make it a perfect material in which to construct an object that needs to move fast.

As much as the titanium chassis will cut back on weight, it is not the easiest metal to work with and thus takes more time to perfect- like anything worth doing, it isn't easy. The process in which the chassis is to be created will have to be in a 'inert' environment, void of oxygen which is more than possible but can be taxing of time.

Titanium Bracelet with Carbon Fibre

Titanium Bracelet with Carbon Fibre

The wonderful qualities of titanium is why we chose to craft our magnetic bracelets from this remarkable material. It means it our rings and bracelets are light, with the weight being unobtrusive on your wrist and fingers throughout the day. The jewellery is also supremely durable, perfect for day to day wear.

Being lovers of motor sports and all things with gears, we've also created the Carbon Fibre range, with features Carbon Fibre designs combined with the brilliant Titanium bracelets. A symbol of all things modern, merging these two lightweight performance materials.

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