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Will my Magnetic Bracelet harm my computer?

Will my Magnetic Bracelet harm my computer?

Will my Magnetic Bracelet harm my computer?

Many people believe that Magnetic Bracelets have the possibility to cause damage to their computers and monitors, which is obviously a big issue for us and also our customers.

Fortunately, this is not the case, at least not any more!

You may remember back when everybody used the big, bulking green-tinted monitors of old. These 'CRT Monitors' would turn all colours of the rainbow as soon as a magnetised object would come close. CRT monitors used magnets in the process of creating an image but modern LCD monitors and the like have a different process. So concerning your monitor, these days it will be fine and thankfully the only colours you'll be seeing are the ones you're making in MS Paint.

With regards to your hard drive, there are many stories of hard drives being completely wiped of data from simply being in close contact of a magnet. But if you are brave enough to pop open your harddrive (best not to do this!) then you'll find a very powerful magnet located inside. So if this magnet sitting right next to all of your data can't wipe it then your magnetic bracelet will be safe to sit on your wrist whilst you work and/or look at cute pictures of cats- because who doesn't like to do that.

So there you have it! You can wear your magnetic bracelet wherever and whenever with peace of mind :)

Disclaimer:  Willis Judd does not take any responsibility for any harm or damagd cause from bringing magnets/magnetised objects into contact with (or the opening of) computer hard drives and monitors.

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